Leopards News · Physicals & Summer Workouts

On Monday, June 15th from 2-4:30 PM, Dr. Chris LaRocca will be giving physicals at his office.  LaRocca Chiropractic is located in downtown Brooksville under the WXJB radio station and right behind the Robert Bruce Snow Law Office at the corner of N. Orange Ave. and S. Broad St.  The cost will be $20 cash or check.  You may get the paperwork by clicking on “more” on the school athletic homepage and then clicking on mandatory paperwork.  You must then upload the physical and proof of insurance onto www.athleticclearance.com.  Please make sure you select all sports you are interested in playing.  Also, make sure you click on the state of Florida and select Hernando High School in the drop down box.  All paperwork must be completed BEFORE you can attend workouts.  Directions on how to upload the information can be found be clicking on “more” on the athletic website (www.leopardsathletics.org) and clicking on athletic clearance. If you are a returning student-athlete, please use the same login name you used last year so all your information will transfer over.  Due to Covid-19, everyone needs to get a physical from March 13th, 2020 and later.

Summer workouts for only Fall sports may begin Monday, June 15th in accordance to Phase 1 that was approved by the county. Check with your coaches to see when you will be working out.  There are new guidelines that must be followed for the workouts:

Each student-athlete must bring a jug of water and their own towel.  This is 100% mandatory. If you do not bring these items, you will told to go home as you will not be able to remain on campus.  You may only be in a group of 20 (ex. 19 players, 1 coach) during phase one.  You must remain with the same group the entire time. The workout can only last 90 minutes during the first phase. After the workout is complete, please have your ride there on time. You will not be allowed to hang out on campus. Failure to follow these rules and guidelines could lead to removal of being able to attend workouts. Below is the list of phases:

Return to play phases:  (These guidelines are subject to change)


June 15-June 28

  • Only fall sports coaches and students return
  • Limited to groups/pods of 20, including coaches
  • Locker rooms and showers will be closed
  • Restricted to 90 minute sessions


June 29-July 12

  • All sports coaches and students return
  • Limited to groups/pods of 40, including coaches
  • Locker rooms and showers remain closed
  • Restricted to 120 minute sessions


July 13-July 26

  • Limited to groups/pods of 60, including coaches
  • Locker rooms and showers remain closed
  • No more than 3 hours per group/pod and meet FHSAA practice policy


July 27-Beyond

  • Fall sports begin official practice
  • FHSAA policy to be followed for in-season and out-of-season teams